The Vision Workshop (Live only)

Are you achieving all that you desire?  Would you like to learn how to bring about things that seem beyond your current grasp or reality?  The vision workshop is designed to support you in designing a vision of a life you would absolutely love living. In this workshop, the participants will identify what they most greatly desire and discuss ways of removing obstacles to achieving it; learn to create a state of allowing through the law of receptivity, and use their powers of intention, focus, gratitude, specificity and belief to propel themselves to a whole new level of being.

Utilizing your Personal Power at Work (Live or Online)

In this day and age of tight budgets, limited resources and increased demands the pressure on program and management staff to do more with less has never been greater.  Learn essential techniques that will enable you to work at your very best while increasing your level of personal satisfaction and fulfillment in your current role.  In this workshop, the participants will learn to increase their awareness of internal challenges that are impeding their performance and well being; develop effective ways of working and being that will help increase their feelings of self control, reduce stress and increase productivity; and, identify and reconnect to their inner core and come at any new challenge from a position of great internal strength.

Creating the ultimate team (Live or online)

The success of a unit, program or organization can be directly measured by examining the strength of its teams.  To create an ultimate team, a team leader needs to utilize an array of tools and approaches to create harmony, increase commitment, enhance communication, create a team vision and bring out the very best in the individual team players.  The participants will learn how to: develop an ultimate team vision and framework; increase their understanding of and ability to work with their teammates and create an environment of strong team spirit.

Supervise for success (Live or online)

Effective supervision of employees is such a critical foundation for bringing out the very best in your staff members, yourself and your team.  Learn simple, time proven techniques that will take your supervision to the next level of success.


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