Our Philosophy

Our company philosophy is based on the following core values:

Servant leadership

We are driven to serve others in the most efficient, helpful and cost effective manner possible.  We feel a deep calling to servant leadership and have a strong desire, passion and commitment to make a profound difference in the lives of others.  In our consulting relationships we strive to be excellent listeners and have a keen ability to understand and empathize with the challenges that individuals and organizations face on a daily basis.  Hogan Consulting Services also brings foresight, awareness and a unique ability to assist organizations and individuals to conceptualize and effectively design a brighter future.

Limitless Capacity

We believe in the limitless capacities of individuals and organizations and take a capacity building approach to all the work that we do.  We are driven to help others succeed and will do so by identifying strengths, eliminating blockages that limit further personal or professional growth and partner with our clients to develop powerful action plans for change.

In order to build the capacities of others we recognize and enjoy the process of building our own.  To achieve this end, we are continuously involved in our own growth and development, consistently seeking new and innovative ways of serving others and identifying best practices that will be of great benefit to our customers.

Solution focused

We are of the belief that any problem, no matter how large, has a solution if it is met with courage, strong team spirit, wisdom, targeted analysis and effective planning.

Hogan Consulting Services uses powerful cultural, leadership and programmatic assessment instruments, as well as its strong analytic capabilities to identify the key challenges faced by organizations and individuals.  What separates our company from others is our inherent belief that the solutions to address most challenges come from within an organization or individual, not through a prescribed solution of ours.  Carefully designed facilitation, planning and communication methods help encourage thinking big and brings out the most effective and creative solutions to identified challenges.

Operational Ingenuity

Hogan Consulting Services excels at examining the operations of an organization or program and creating strategic instruments, systems or approaches which greatly assist that operation in becoming more efficient, effective and outcome focused.   Whether it is the development of performance standards, design of operational processes, reorganizing human capital or redesigning ways of working, Hogan Consulting Services has the resourcefulness, creativity and ability to help your organization operate at peak performance.


Excellence begins with having the knowledge, wisdom and experience necessary to achieve a certain result.  With over 16 years of extensive experience in non-profit management and consulting work, Hogan Consulting Services is able to develop the highest quality management and operational assessments and processes to help organizations achieve the highest level of excellence.

Honesty and Integrity

Honesty and integrity are critical building blocks of all that we do.  We have an ethical responsibility to accept only those projects that are a strong match with our values, skill sets and capabilities.  Our actions are consistent with our words and we only make promises that we can keep.  We have very open lines of communication with our clients and are dedicated to working hard and giving our very best to any endeavor we take on.