About Christopher Hogan

Chris HoganChristopher Hogan is the Founder and Principal of Hogan Consulting Services and brings over 18 years of progressively challenging leadership, management and consulting experience to the company.

Prior to starting Hogan Consulting Services, Chris served as a Territorial Management and Program Consultant for The Salvation Army covering a 13 state region that contained over 300+ programs. Other leadership roles have included a State Social Service Director for a large non-profit; Assistant Administrator of Social Services for a $5 million plus social service operation; Social Service Coordinator for The Salvation Army’s Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi Operations as part of the Hurricane Katrina Disaster Recovery Team, and Founder and Principal of Serve it Up, a firm dedicated to developing quality social and recreational opportunities for avid tennis players.

Chris is a Certified MasterMind Executive Coach from the Rescue Institute, a Certified Mary Morrissey Life Mastery Consultant and is skilled at working with all management levels of diverse groups, including public and private agencies. He is a natural change agent who has a dynamic ability to bring out the highest potential in individuals and organizations through effective assessment, facilitation, planning, coaching, training and team building methods.

Chris received his Master Degree in Social Work from Boston College and his Bachelors Degree in Psychology from Fairfield University.